TTL Capital provides fund management and investment management services to both individuals and institutional investors such as businesses, welfare funds, endowment funds, investment clubs, groups and associations.
Our experienced and certified portfolio managers make independent investment decisions to ensure capital preservation, liquidity and superior returns.

Our investment products include:

Private Asset Management (PAM) - Wealth Management for private individuals and institutional clients who invest for short to medium term requiring very attractive returns.

Discretionary Managed Portfolio- TTL Capital provides fund management and fund administration services to facilitate the wealth management aspirations of high net worth individuals and institutions, endowment funds, welfare funds, investment clubs, groups and associations. Clients have access to seasoned investment professionals who offer competence, discretion and confidentiality. 

TTL Income Haven Fund - A medium-term open-ended mutual fund which seeks to generate a high level of current income, security of principal and growth amidst liquidity.
It involves mobilizing funds from shareholders/investors and reinvesting the funds in high quality fixed income instruments.
The fund accepts minimum initial investment of ¢50.00 with minimum regular top ups of ¢20.00, and seeks to outperform the returns on the GOG 91-Day Treasury Bill.
It is open to all investors including students, traders, professionals, salaried workers, etc. to help meet medium-term to long-term financial needs such as building working capital for business, saving to rent a home, providing for a child’s education, saving for retirement, etc.


TTL Capital provides consultancy and business advisory services for our clients through comprehensive and effective financial solutions. Our services include;

  • Business/Company valuation
  • Corporate Finance Advisory
  • Raising Capital
  • Working Capital management
  • Due Diligence
  • Issuance of Commercial Paper (CPs) or Short Term Financing